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Background Information: If you or your friends have any design work that needs to be done, then I can fully recommend 99designs. Those are the main colors. I do not just want it to be the words "Yummy Diet Food. The leaves are vibrant and bursting with vitality.

Continue and by the way, that right there is just showing the meaning of different colors. Thank you! Here is another cool one. Since these products have a great natural look the bags we will use are partly transparent.

I've already actually picked a bunch already, but you can basically just pick and choose which ones you like. The biggest mistake is hoping that miracles will happen by themselves.

Overall good examples: No, I'm just going to start with the basic logo. By the way, I diet logo 99designs the domain for this as well. I'm actually right now in the process of designing a new logo for a new product that I'm creating called Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Or clothing that resembles a stone-age fur like the stuff daddy Flintstone is wearing. That's the phase that I'm in right now. Or as bone chain around the neck.

New logo wanted for DIET H2O

Here is a cool one. As part of this video series I want to be transparent with you guys, I am going to show you guys the process of getting the logo designed, and I'm probably going to even reach out to you guys to ask for a feedback on the logo concepts that are submitted, and have you guys vote and maybe pick the logo for me.

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More about logo color pls. The logo should be cute, yummy, and fun, but if it can relay some sense of seriousness that would be okay too. I think I don't know playful would really work for Affiliate Marketing Mastery. Playful or sophisticated.

Paleomantic has an inspired new logo, and I hope you love it as much as I do. I lived an international design experience from the comfort of my kitchen.

You create polls right here and I am going to basically pick maybe the top three, top four, top five, top six designs and I'm going to make it available on my YouTube channel, my blog, on my email list, and I'm going to ask people for feedback.

If you're not happy, they'll help you out which is really cool. You can see that you can give feedback so you can either eliminate the design if you don't like it at all.

They're going to be like bucks is not worthwhile to them, so they're probably not going to be that invested in that.

The Diet Skinny

Now I can filter the style a little bit more.99designs Restaurant Logo Design and Branding Ideas Logo design by gaga vastard for a recipe aggregator website.

An ocean blue backdrop and a creative emblem that shows form and function. That inspired the creation of 99designs in The site holds contests for design work. A client posts a request — for a logo, for a book cover, for stationery or other project — and designers from all over the world submit their designs within a set time.

Help Legendary Athletics with a new logo Stephanie needed a new logo design and created a contest on 99designs. A winner was selected from 38 designs submitted by 19 freelance designers.

Product packaging contests

Logo for Diet and Weight Loss Site jkfjkf needed a new logo design and created a contest on 99designs. A winner was selected from 74 designs submitted by 37 freelance designers. Find inspiration from previous Product packaging contests on 99designs, and create your own contest today!

Logo design (0) Logo & brand identity packketo-diet, lose weight, Health and and workout people. We first started a contest for both website design and logo but its probably better to separate these.

After the logo contest we will keep a contest for the website design. You can have a look at the current website but please keep in mind that we didn't spend much time on the design, so don't let it influence your creative mind.


Diet logo 99designs
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