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Both Wong and Cheng were arranged to sit next to each other backstage. At any rate, film love on a diet are more solid elements than bad ones present here, making this a good DVD to throw on if you want to show someone that Hong Kong cinema isn't all dual-fisted pistols and flying kung fu kicks.

The makeup is admirable. Sammi is a trendsetter of hair-coloring and has been chosen to be one of the Top Ten fashionable celebrities in Hong Kong.

Their forced parting drove her to eat relentlessly and now, ten years later, she's ballooned to over three hundred pounds. The plot is one massive set-up for high-concept hijinks and wall-to-wall fat jokes.

In one of those not-so-wonderfully dense movie tropes, the two don't get along at first, but soon grow to like each other, to the point where Fatso allows himself to be used as a human punching bag to pay for expensive weight-loss treatments for Mini so that she can be reunited with Kurokawa. Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau are Hong Kong's most popular screen couple, and they bring a great chemistry to the screen that's immediately enjoyable.

Sammi in Taiwan and China.

Sammi Cheng

She traveled to Laos with fellow singer Gigi Leungalso a World Vision volunteer, to experience for themselves the struggles of the local people and children. Critics argued that Sammi purposely westernized her Cantonese. In addition, her fans were angry and hissed at Faye Wong when she went on stage to receive an award.

That is until the ending, when Andy Lau, slender popstar, shows up. Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai Year: Though he leans on the fat jokes which is unavoidable, given the premisehe still uses character and performance to win over the audience.

Lalu sampai di tujuan tidak ada pembicaraan antara Si Gendeut dan Mini yang berarti. Tapi si Gendut menemukan dananya menipis. Dan dalam memainkan film love on a diet baik aktor dan aktrisnya harus memainkan karakter obesitas dan harus memakai baju dengan ukuran yang besar dari karet dan tentu nya make up.

Lau is a particular standout, displaying a curiously endearing yet smug charm through masses of body make-up while Cheng follows the script's more frenzied moments with gusto. The jokes themselves can be difficult to stomach, as they play off the stereotype that fat is funny and slim is attractive.

Sesampainya di Menara Tokyo tersebut dia bertemu dengan mantan pacar nya Kurokawa di bawah menara yang seperti dijanjikan 10 tahun yang lalu, dan pasangan ini diwawancarai oleh jaringan lokal, dan acara — acara televisi di Jepang, tetapi mini tiba — tiba menyaksikan pemberitahuan lain yang menampilkan siaran tinju si Gendut yang sedang di pukuli oleh orang — orang itu jalanan.

Audiences weren't turned off, either; Love on a Diet did an insane amount of business at the box office. She became a representative for Veeko and Titus, a fashion and watch brand in Hong Kong, respectively.

Sometimes, a light movie can just be a light movie without the film-makers getting on their soapboxes full of self-importance, tossing artistic twaddle at the audience to make themselves feel more important.

See media help. Having the two both go from fat to slim seems to be a sort of backhanded compliment to the overweight, but it's really hard to fault the two for whatever mixed messages occur. I'm really not giving anything away since both he and Cheng appear in their slim forms on all the advertising.

Cheng at the time was still in school, and had to balance her studies with her rising singing career. Untuk mendapatkan cukup untuk membiayai program penurunan berat badan Mini, ia membuka sebuah pertunjukan tinju di jalanan yang caranya adalah setiap orang boleh memukul nya untuk melampiaskan frustrasi atau dendam orang — orang tersebut dan Si Gendut dibayar yen untuk 2 menit.

The concert was expanded to the Show Mi Tour. Too bad he can't recognize her, which drives Mini into depression. But even if you're diving in cold, the story here isn't exactly full of unexpected twists.

Due to the huge demand for tickets, the four performances was expanded to eight. Which he does. To earn enough to finance Mini's weight-loss programs, he opens a boxing gig on the streets allowing on-lookers to punch him to vent their pent-up frustrations.

The pair are interviewed by a local network, but Mini notices another broadcast featuring Fatso's street boxing gig. In the late s during the slump of the HK film industry she starred in the film Needing You The location is Japan, where Hong Kong expat Mini Mo has surrendered to binge eating after breaking up with her handsome pianist boyfriend LOVE ON A DIET - HK movie BLU-RAY (Region A) Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng (English subtitled): Tak Wah Andy Lau, Sau Man Sammi Cheng, Kei Fung Johnnie To: Movies & TV5/5(5).

Love on a Diet

Review by Kozo: Box-office queen Sammi Cheng is Mini-Mo, a transplanted Hong Kong resident who now makes Japan her home. Love on a Diet is a Hong Kong romantic comedy film produced and directed by Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai, starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng.

The film reuni. · It's the simplest of love stories, just a real life love story in a real life urban/suburb setting. But the film has a heart and soul. I'm sure when a bigger budget comes your way you'll do some amazing work, because your overall direction was relatively amazing in this little film.4,2/10().

Contribute information about this film  No enough votes. Top movies: I haven't voted yet. Two of Hong Kong's most popular actors, Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, team up and strap on fat suits in Love on a Diet, a somewhat unconventional take on your usual romantic comedy that doesn't totally transcend the usual pitfalls of the genre, but gets enough mileage out of the charisma of its' stars to make it enjoyable to sit through, even if.

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